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The Far Side of the Universe

Thursday 13th December 2012 at 22h50 - ARTE

In competition - Pariscience 2012

This is an amazing fact : according to our current models, the total mass of the matter (stars, galaxies…) accounts for only 4% of the Universe. An invisible and unknown matter would massively fill our cosmos. And no tool ever detected it…

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IQ: a History of deceit

Tuesday 11th December 2012 at 17h00 - TV5 Monde

Selected at Pariscience 2011

IQ. Two letters. One of the most commonly shared fantasies in our modern world. French, American, British, Japanese people – every one cares about it. What does IQ really measure? Who invented it? Why and how was it diverted from its original purpose?

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Naïca, the crystal cave

Saturday 08th December 2012 at 20h45 - ARTE

Selected at Pariscience 2009

In the depths of a silver mine in Naica, Mexico, one of nature’s greatest wonders was discovered only a few years ago: an immense cave containing a forest of gigantic crystals, the largest in the world.

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