Charisma in Politics, the body language of politicians


2007, France
Original language
Running time
anthropology, society
Directed by
Thierry Berrod
Written by
Thierry Berrod
Produced by
Mona Lisa Production
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Mona Lisa Production

Spontaneous or carefully rehearsed expressions, consistent or disorganized gestures, defiant or receptive postures. Such are the little signs that tell us a great deal about our political leaders and determine our reactions, of acceptance or rejection.

It has long been recognized that only a tiny proportion of a speech's impact depends on its content: approximately 7% according to the work of Professor A. Mehrabian and other experts, who conducted studies on this subject since the 1960's. On the other hand, non-verbal communication accounts for more than 93% of the effectiveness of a speech: 55% for facial expressions and 38% for paralinguistic elements (voice, intonation, gestures, posture, etc…).

In our modern societies where the images of politicians receive high exposure – on the front page of magazines, in the television news, on electoral posters – politicians have quickly come to understand that a frank smile and a confident, relaxed attitude are worth more than a great speech. That facial expressions and hand gestures make all the difference. This is what ethologists have been demonstrating over the last decades.