Maud Fontenoy, Against the Current


2007, France
Original language

Running time
Directed by
Luc Marescot
Written by
Luc Marescot
Produced by
Gédéon programmes
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Gédéon programmes

29-year-old Maud Fontenoy is not an usual adventurer. She's the first woman to have rowed her way entirely across the Atlantic from America to Europe. This accomplished sportswoman has been sailing since she was a little girl, and has earned recognition in both swimming and horse-riding competitions in France and in the US.

Her latest challenge: sailing around the world against the wind and sea currents. In October 2006, she set off on a 5-month solo adventure aboard a 26-meter monohull sailing dinghy, to attempt a route that's been compared to "the north face of Everest" - across the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn and the South Seas, braving the harsh winds known as the Roaring 40s and Furious 50s. With a genuine human, ecological and pedagogical dimension, this challenge is the achievement of a dream for Maud, a return to what's essential, a move towards self-fulfilment and a yearning to push herself as fas as she can go. And above all, this challenge intends to set an example for future generations - by showing that you can always make it. Maud succeeded in her incredible challenge, after a lot of suffering. An incredible story with a lof of emotion.