Animals have a story: Locust


2005, France
Original language
Running time
biology, discovery
Directed by
Luc Forveille
Written by
Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Müller
Produced by
Les films d'ici
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The scourge of God or Disney’s Jiminy?

The story of the locust (the sinister locust of the disasters) is royally independent from that of the man who, until the very recent date of 1921, ignored quite reasons for which the animal came down in billion insects on its cultures. It is not because today the man knows totally how to avoid the disaster, but at least he glimpses where from it comes…

In all the civilizations (Roman, Christian, Islamic, African) the scourge crosses mercilessly the distances which separate its deserts of their origin to the moderate regions. Locusta migratoria: a dangerous cocktail of factors which start the disaster. Image of the divine wrath, the blind fate, the fragility of the human constructions, the locust is only recently examined in all the amplitude of its zoological characteristics.