bande annonce

Plug & Pray


2009, Germany
Original language
Running time
technology, society
Directed by
Jens Schanze
Written by
Jens Schanze
Produced by
Mascha Film GbR

Since antiquity, humankind has dreamed of creating intelligent machines. The invention of the computer and the breathtaking pace of technological progress appear to be bringing the realisation of this dream within our grasp.

Scientists and engineers across the world are working on the development of intelligent robots, which are poised to become an integral part of all areas of human life. Robots are to do the housework, look after the children, care for the elderly... Yet, the ultimate vision goes even further, envisioning a merger of man and machine that will throw off the biological shackles of evolution and finally make eternal life a reality. Yet of all people, a pioneer of computer development and artificial intelligence, former MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum, has become one of the harshest critics of these visions of technological omnipotence. Wary of unstinting devotion to progress, he keeps asking: do we need all this? And what will it mean to be human in a world run by machines?


Selected at Pariscience 2010 - Pariscience AST - Ville de Paris Grand Prize
See the showing : Monday 11th October 2010 from 20h00 to 22h00