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The future at what price?


2010, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
David Martin
Written by
David Martin
Produced by
Mécanos Productions, 109 Films

If we want to avoid the climate catastrophe that awaits us, then we need to urgently cut planetary CO2 emissions by half. This is the absolute minimum. Unfortunately the experts are predicting that global energy consumption will double between now and the year 2050. And so we need to square the circle…

The threat of climate conflicts are becoming more and more apparent: lack of water, deforestation, massive migrations of climate refugees, ongoing battles for control over raw resources and agricultural land… Reasonable energy consumption is the only concrete solution to avoiding these too easy to imagine catastrophic scenarios that are increasingly tempering our spirits. This is the only solution that is realistic, reasonable, and sustainable. All other options are nothing but illusions for those blinded by reality. This revolution in social and economic behaviour, including individuals, will affect all areas including consumption, agriculture, transportation, homes, urbanism, and leisure.

Can the carbon trading market put into place by the Kyoto treaty give rise to this environmental revolution or is it an ideal opportunity for "greening" reckless speculators. Can fiscal constraints such as the carbon tax put the brakes on the aberrant growth in global trade provoked by trend for labour outsourcing and the nearly free cost of transporting goods?

These are just some of the complex, but urgent and important, questions that this film addresses. The time for hesitating is over. The price that we give to carbon is that of our future… Our children's future.


Selected at Pariscience 2010
See the showing : Sunday 10th October 2010 from 17h00 to 18h30