bande annonce

Toxic Playground


2009, Sweden
Original language
Running time
ethics, society
Directed by
Lars Edman, William Johansson
Written by
Lars Edman, William Johansson
Produced by
Laïka Films & Television AB, SVT

Swedish Lars, 23, is studying film in Chile. 12-year old Jocelyn is a belly dancer and wants to become a doctor. But her hips are beginning to crumble. Lars finds out that hundreds of kids in Jocelyn's city of Arica in the north of Chile, have fallen badly ill because of toxic waste from his home town Boliden in Sweden. But the children and their families receive no help from the Chilean authorities who claim the poor living conditions of the families is what is making the children sick. But in other parts of Chile, scientists are certain: the inhabitants are sick from the 20.000 tons of lead and arsenic that was left near the neighborhood. For years, the children went to play in the black sand of their toxic playground.

Lars tries to find out whether Boliden, the mining company is accountable for what has happened to Jocelyn and the other inhabitants of Cerro Chuño. Boliden, one of the biggest mining companies in the world, refuses to take any responsibility for what happened. But Lars finds Rolf, the former head of environment of Boliden. Rolf admit that his advice to the company was necessary for the decision to send the waste to Chile and surprisingly, he decides to follow Lars back to Chile to find out what really happened.


Selected at Pariscience 2010 - Earth Prize
See the showing : Friday 08th October 2010 from 18h00 to 20h00