The Outer Adventure - From Baby to Kiss


2009, France
Original language
Running time
biology, medicine
Directed by
Thierry Berrod
Written by
Thierry Berrod
Produced by
Mona Lisa Production
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Mona Lisa Production

When a mother looks in wonder at her newborn child, little does she imagine that fifteen years later her tiny one will have turned into a rebellious teenager, defending his or her ideas with conviction, listening to loud music, often hiding in his or her messed-up bedroom, and perhaps experiencing the first pangs of love.

With help from the best medical and scientific imagery gear, and the fine analysis from the most renowned specialists of the world, discover and understand the incredible distance covered by a human being in his first fifteen years of life and the many physical and psychological transformations he or she undertakes. The comments from the foremost specialists contribute to each sequence, exploring new facets of the subject, and the social, cultural and emotional environments that shape our psychological development is treated with humour, using footage from films, advertising spots or visual sketches the viewer can relate to.