Ramses II, the Great Journey


2010, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Valérie Girié, Guillaume Hecht
Written by
Valérie Girié, Guillaume Hecht
Produced by
Les Films du Scribe, Egyptian Media Production City, Koloss Production, CNRS Images
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Les Films du Scribe

More than 3200 years ago…. Under the reign of Ramesses the Second, pharaoh of the New Empire’s 19th dynasty, Egypt is living the final hours of its golden age.

After a prestigious reign of 67 years, the powerful pharaoh dies at the exceptional age of 92. He becomes for all time the legendary “Ramesses the Great.” His mummy is interred in the heart of the Valley of the Kings, on the west bank of Thebes.

This marks the beginning of his Great Journey towards the afterlife, where he will meet with eternity. But only on one condition: that his tomb and mummified remains are preserved for all time. In the 19th century several European travelers visit the tomb of the illustrious king. Their aim is to reach the burial chamber that houses his body and all his treasures.

Now begins a fascinating archeological investigation through time and space, which reveals the rocambolesque story of the “after-life” of Ramesses the Second.