Global Sushi: dead oceans ahead


2009, France
Original language
Running time
environment, society
Directed by
Jean-Pierre Canet, Damien Vercaemer
Written by
Jean-Pierre Canet, Jean-Marie Michel
Produced by
Capa Presse TV
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Capa Presse TV

In less than 15 years, a tiny ball of rice topped with a slice of raw fish has conquered the world. Without any big to-do or advertising blitz. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that has become the symbol of “world food". An alternative to the hamburger. A light Big Mac rich in Omega 3s, much better for you than red meat. Which is why so many people are indulging their love of sushi: a miraculous food that is both healthy and delicious. Except what’s good for man isn’t necessarily good for nature. The sushi craze comes at a horrible time for oceans, as marine biodiversity gradually disappears. The industrialized countries alone wolf down 28 million tons of seafood every year. Nearly as much as the Chinese. At this rate, nearly all commercial fish species will have disappeared by 2050.