Your Hairness


2010, France
Original language
Running time
discovery, living matter
Directed by
Claude-Julie Parisot
Written by
Claude-Julie Parisot
Produced by
KAMI Productions, ARTE France, CNRS Images
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KAMI Productions

All over the Earth, living things breathe, touch, move, reproduce, defend themselves, listen, stay warm and keep cool. In each of these essential life situations, we find - whether plainly visible on top of a head, evenly spaced along the stem of a plant, or hidden deep in viscera - hair.

This film focuses on what is small and commonplace to take viewers on a voyage of scientific discovery into the spectacular realm of hairiness. It leaves our habits, cultural conditioning and squeamishness behind, to plunge into the wilds of hairy forests and abysses. Enchanted realms – majestic and magical – full of surprises and prodigies. And where we soon learn that however flimsy and fragile a single hair may seem, it is a force of nature.