Encyclopedia of the weather


2006, France
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Each day all of us are looking for the same information: "What's the weather going to be like today? Whether it's for what to wear, for morale or for outdoor activities, the weather forecast helps shape the lives of some 6 billion people.

The Weather Encyclopaedia explains and illustrates how the elements behave, how increasingly efficient technology is allowing us to better monitor and understand the weather and how the immense network of observation and information gathered by ships, weather balloons, earth stations and satellites all goes to create the weather forecast.

In 1'30" episodes, using 3D content, explains in an instructive and spectacular fashion to learn about and understand the elements of nature that affect all of us every day.

The Water Cycle
Cloud Variety
The Greenhouse Effect
A World of Sunshine
The Moon and the Tides
The Rainbow
Wind Gauges, how is Temperature Measured?
Acid Rain...