Camargue, a threatened future


2005, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Philippe Muller
Written by
Philippe Muller
Produced by
bleu Krystal media, avec la participation de France 5
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bleu Krystal media

The reality of the Camargue is very different from his image of original nature, its blank spaces largely artificial, species that live in or pass, but also men, are subjected to all sorts of pressures (pollution, alteration of habitats, drift land...), through the convergence of many human activities (agriculture, industry, hunting, tourism).

The Camargue is now a territory torn between economic ambitions and environmental protection. And if the local people have a say in the management of this site, pathways towards sustainable development are uncertain and pose a threat to the future of this unique area. The historical establishment of reserves and naturalists gave it an early status of symbol for the preservation of nature abused by humans. But it has been also enrolled in a logic of economic development.

Particularly fragile and exposed, the Camargue is now permeable to pollution from agricultural and industrial activities.
Caught between the pressures of tourism in nearby Languedoc (and perhaps the megalopolis of Marseille) and industrial complex Fos, the Camargue is looking for a management encouraging the development of the region without sacrificing its identity. If the population now seems concerned by the trend in the quality of life and sustainable development of the territory, what kind of future can it offer to this exceptional land?