Houat, living on an island


2005, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Philippe Muller
Written by
Philippe Muller
Produced by
bleu Krystal media, avec la participation de France 5
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bleu Krystal media

A quirky island that could be on a treasure map: this is the fantasy portrait of the island of Houat. But for the 300 permanent inhabitants of this tiny island, it is mostly a lifestyle choice. Yet, with a great fishing history, which is experiencing a structural crisis and a decline in vocations, the islanders must reorient their future. Implantation of second homes, installation of a campsite as all coasts, Houat is subject to strong seasonality. Many signs indicate the firm commitment of Houat inhabitants to their island. Question is what form of development is compatible with this commitment...

The municipality of Houat put on various projects that can boost the island: aquaculture, home athletes, events for young people... The island is more resistant than others to the exodus of islanders because its population is firmly attached to the fishing and the desire to live and work there. It is recognized that despite the general crisis of industrial fishing, there is undoubtedly a future for traditional fishing, local and selective, such as that practiced here... Provided that the few young fishermen Houat still motivated to succeed settle...