bande annonce

I Evolve


2010, France
Original language
Running time
future, ethics, research, society
Directed by
Cécile Denjean
Written by
Cécile Denjean
Produced by
Woods TV, Dissidents / Diff : France 2

Technological progress today is allowing mankind to conceive a radically “improved” human being and, for the first time in human history, to model our own species according to our wishes.

In laboratories, a new kind of individual, partially re-engineered, is not only in the process of being dreamed up and tested… but manufactured. Some scientists are betting that Homo sapiens will soon be considered a charming but outdated version. It is time, they say, to upgrade to Homo technologicus.

It is exactly what proposes the “human enhancement” market. The moment has come, they say, to move to the next level in human evolution: a perfect, ageless body; an infallible brain; controlled reproduction; and in the long run… immortality! Even if it means making regular “upgrades” to our own bodies, just as some people “tune up” their cars. Journey in search of this man of future... hybrid half-man, half-machine, a genetically modified human being. An almost perfect man.


Selected at Pariscience 2011 - High School Jury Prize
See the showing : Thursday 06th October 2011 from 14h00 to 15h30