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Albert Schweitzer - Anatomy of a Saint


2010, France, Austria, Germany
Original language
Running time
eminent scientists, medicine, society
Directed by
Georg Misch
Written by
Georg Misch
Produced by
Seppia, NFP, MISCHIEF Films
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Albert Schweitzer is the modern day saint of the 20th century, the emblematic "jungle doctor" that saved lives in Africa, the Peace Nobel Prize laureate who created the concept of “reverence for life”. He was one of the few universal geniuses, excelling as theologian, philosopher, musician, medical doctor and development worker, one of the first campaigners against nuclear warfare and the forefather of the ecology movement.

The criticism that tarnished Schweitzer's reputation will also be explored such as recent re-evaluations questioning the entire value of his development work and the CIA-led smear campaign against him during the McCarthy era, trying to discredit him as a communist because of his campaign against nuclear weapons.

This film discovers the person behind the public image of the saint, looking beyond the image created by the media of “the greatest man in the world” with the ultimate goal to find the relevance he holds for our world today.