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Nano revolution: more than human?


2011, France
Original language
Running time
technology, biology, future
Directed by
Olivier Julien
Written by
Olivier Julien
Produced by
ARTE France, Docside Production, CBC, NHK

By mastering the construction of devices on the scale of atoms and molecules, nanotechnologies promise to revolutionize many areas of our lives.

In medicine, after only fifteen years of research, the first “nano” products are making their appearance. Some are already commercialized, while others are being tested in clinical trials. Far from nightmarish visions of surgical nano-robots patrolling our arteries, they include new diagnostic systems whose accuracy and simplicity have led to the development of more preventative and more personalized medical practices. They have likewise led to spectacular improvements in the efficiency of many cancer and cardiovascular treatments by enabling the precise targeting of diseased cells. But these significant, encouraging advances are, without a doubt, also going to confront us with a number of new situations and questions.

Some say the power of nanotechnologies could even go so far as enabling a new man to emerge, one with “enhanced performance”, a cyborg covered with electronic implants directly connected to his nervous system.


Selected at Pariscience 2011
See the showing : Friday 07th October 2011 from 20h30 to 22h30