Deepsea under the pole


2010, France
Original language
Running time
sea biology, biodiversity
Directed by
Thierry Robert
Written by
Thierry Robert, Ghislain Bardout, Vincent Berthet, Emmanuelle Perie
Produced by
Docside Production, Base Océans
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Docside Production

A team of explorers decides to organize an expedition that will take them to North Pole to the far north of Canada. They want to show through the rough encounter with the Arctic, the confrontation of two totally opposite worlds, the modern day and the heroic explorers of the past. They show us a world of silence, the cap windswept and smash the ice. The meeting is simply magical.

To show a world that no longer exist soon, testify to future generations from the time when man walked on water, and where the cathedral of ice diving grew upside down.

At the end of the polar night, the sun is back above the skyline. Mercury Poster - 43 ° c. Nothing really prepares to extreme temperatures. Brutally whipped ice water area of the face that protrudes from the hood of wetsuits. The dive team as a flight surreal, upside down, under a cathedral of ice. Here the water is crystal clear, crystalline. They seem to float in the air between these concretions, in this inverted world.