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Far Side of the Universe (The)


2012, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Cécile Denjean
Produced by
ARTE France - Scientifilms - CNRS Images - CEA Energies alternatives

This is an amazing fact : according to our current models, the total mass of the matter (stars, galaxies…) accounts for only 4% of the Universe. An invisible and unknown matter would massively fill our cosmos. And no tool ever detected it… For the first time, a film invites us to discover this “black matter”, in space, under ground and under seas. What is the nature of such black matter ? And more simply, does it exist ? or is it necessary to call into question the physical standards worked out since Newton and Einstein ? This adventure conceals the ingredients of an exceptional scientific epopee : ignored precursors ; dramatic turns of events ; considerable investments to probe the matter and space ; competitions to find this Graal… The film by Cécile Denjean is like a true thriller, with most suprises, disappointments, mysteries and discoveries, unrolling the wire of vertiginous questions.


Selected at Pariscience 2012
See the showing : Thursday 04th October 2012 from 20h00 to 22h00