bande annonce

Small is beautiful


2010, France
Original language
Running time
ecology, environment
Directed by
Agnès Fouilleux
Written by
Agnès Fouilleux
Produced by
Les films Bonnette et Minette

The intense industrialisation of agricultural production has led to the desertification of the countryside, the confiscation of crops and the starvation of millions of people around the world. It has poisoned our water and our soil, it has rendered entire lands sterile. How and why did this happen ? Who is profiting from this process of industrialisation ? The honest farmer of yesteryear has gradually been replaced in the last fifty years by a commercial rationale imposed by a small group of multinationals, who control the highest levels of power. The small versatile farms of the past have given way to large – scale industrial farms, very appropriately called « exploitations » in French. Step by step, Agnès Fouilleux's film uncovers the underlying issues around the globalisation and the financialization of agriculture, against which various forms of resistance are emerging worldwide.


Selected at Pariscience 2012
See the showing : Saturday 06th October 2012 from 10h00 to 12h00