bande annonce

Secrets of longevity


2013, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Sylvie Gilman -Thierry de Lestrade
Written by
Sylvie Gilman -Thierry de Lestrade
Produced by
© Arte France - Via Découvertes Production

Doesn't everybody want to live to a ripe old age in good health? For decades, researchers have been trying to decipher the mechanisms of aging and counteract the diseases that occur with age. However, sometimes research takes a short cut... There is a valley in Ecuador where some people seem to be protected from diabetes, cancer, and maybe even Alzheimer's. But these men and women, apparently blessed by the gods have a peculiarity: they are very small – with an average height of barely four feet. Small size and a big mystery: what mechanisms protect them?Could understanding those mechanisms make it possible to protect the rest of the world? This is what scientists today are hoping. From Tel Aviv to Equador to Los Angeles, the film traces the progress of a search that is not only original, but potentially revolutionary for the understanding of diseases such as cancer, and even their treatment and prevention.


Selected at Pariscience 2013
See the showing : Saturday 05th October 2013 from 17h45 to 19h15