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How the Earth became Round


2011, France
Original language
Running time
history of science, wildlife, wildlife
Directed by
Wilson Dos Santos - Paul Guidal
Written by
Pierre Cattan - Wilson Dos Santos - Guillaume Duprat - Mélanie Duval
Produced by
© Cinquième étage production - Canal + - Planète - RTBF

Everyone knows the Earth is round...but is it really? In men's mind it has been flat, square, layered or sitting atop animals. Young Jo discovers an unusual box in his grandfather's attic. To his surprise the box becomes bigger and starts to speak, awaking the curiosity of the child. Suddenly Jo plunges into a fantasy world, guided by a friendly voice that shows him how people have imagined our planet through the ages. Since time immemorial humans havenn’t stopped trying to understand the shape and nature of the Earth. As they were unable to explore it yet, their imaginations gave birth to a rich and diverse spectrum of creation myths, including the most poetic and eccentric theories. With fun and thrill, this captivating animation documentary film takes the entire family on an extraordinary adventure through time and space to explore mankind's imagination.


Selected at Pariscience 2013
See the showing : Friday 04th October 2013 from 14h00 to 15h30