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Fukushima : particles and people


2014, France
Original language
Running time
environment, physics
Directed by
Gil Rabier et Claude Julie Parisot
Written by
Gil Rabier et Claude Julie Parisot
Produced by
© KAMI Productions
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KAMI Productions

In Japan, in the region of Fukushima, citizens and scientists are working together to try to understand the invisible contamination that threatens their lives and haunts their minds. What is a contaminated environment? What can we eat? Where can we live? Will our children be able to go back? What do I risk?

To answer these pressing questions, collaborations of a new type are linking scientists, who have accepted to step out of their laboratories, and ordinary people, who now have to understand a complex science. Our film attempts to portray this unusual dialogue between simple folk and scientists. The disaster isn’t a thing of the past for them, nothing is under control, it is all just starting.