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Jamy's Extraordinary Journeys


2014, France
Original language
Running time
geology, discovery, chemistry, society
Directed by
Charles-Antoine de Rouvre
Written by
Bruno Bucher, Jamy Gourmaud, Emmanuel Pernoud, Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jean-Marc Sigot
Produced by
© Multimédia France Productions - 2014
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Multimédia France Productions (MFP)

Our planet seems frozen. And yet it moves, it changes constantly. It produces at its heart an enormous energy that is at the origin of these metamorphoses. Every day the earth's crust is built, destroyed, and the forces that agitated it are sometimes deadly. Volcanoes are the expression of these tectonic forces. It’s also sign of the vitality of our planet.

Jamy Gourmaud , science journalist, takes us on this earth starts to discover the most spectacular volcanoes and rifts digging new oceans . Jamy goes on an expedition with scientists who study the movements of the Earth and try to predict its anger. He also met women and men who live in these risk areas and despite the danger have built over generations almost filial relationship with their land.

The main stages of this journey are: Hawaiian Volcanoes; Montserrat and Italian volcanoes; and the great East African Rift .


Selected at Pariscience 2014
See the showing : Tuesday 07th October 2014 from 09h30 to 11h45