ROBOT REVOLUTION: Will Machines Surpass Humans?


2013, Japan
Original language
Running time
technology, future
Directed by
Yoshikazu Ikawa et Tatsushi Tachibana
Produced by

This film will be screened with French subtitles.

Humanoid robots are being created to meet increasing worldwide demand. Such robots can move on their own volition, climb stairs, and even handle tools. Due to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan has speeded up their development. Unfortunately, the disaster proved that robots specialized in performing single tasks aren’t sufficient.

In situations and places inaccessible to humans, robots need to be able to make intelligent decisions and handle many different tasks. The United States Department of Defense has launched a project to develop humanoid robots that will be able to provide emergency services in the event of a major disaster. Meanwhile, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., creator of ASIMO, one of the world’s top robots, is speeding ahead with the development of even more advanced robots to work on the nuclear power plants in Fukushima. This program explores what’s happening at the forefront of the robot revolution.


Selected at Pariscience 2014
See the showing : Monday 06th October 2014 from 16h45 to 18h15