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Le coelacanthe, plongée vers nos origines


2013, France
Original language
Running time
sea biology, nature
Directed by
Gil Kebaïli
Written by
Laurent Ballesta et Gil Kebaïli
Produced by
© Les films d'Ici - Andromède Oceanographie - ARTE France
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Considered to be the greatest zoological discovery of the 20th century, the coelacanth was thought to have been extinct for 63 million years before turning up in a fisherman’s net in 1938. From that day on, this castaway from a bygone age has fired the imagination of countless researchers the world over.

It is the last living witness of that time, its body bears the traces of an exceptional episode - the day that a fish dared to leave the ocean to breathe in the air. This brave leap led to the advent of all four-legged animals, then man, several million years later.