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Sugar Blues


2014, Czech Republic
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Andrea Culkova
Written by
Andrea Culkova
Produced by
Golden Dawn - Czech television - Karel Janecek

Also in Student Competition

This film will be screened in original version with french subtitles.

Sugar can kill! The director, Andrea, is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She must avoid any form of refined sugar. That soon proves impossible though, because she finds sugar everywhere and in everything. Why is sugar so ubiquitous? Fear for her unborn baby changes the eating habits in Andrea's family and motivates her investigation of the sugar industry. Confronting doctors and scientists, Andrea explores the influence of sugar on human physical and mental functions. With the obsession of a detective, she identifies the ties between multinational corporations, politicians and health care. The quest begins at Andrea's kitchen table and continues worldwide over nearly five years. But her family needs a mum at home, especially her youngest son. Could sugar really be the cause of his health problems? A tragicomic, vibrant and emotional story that is informative and inspiring...

A film that will set you free from the Sugar Blues!


Selected at Pariscience 2015
See the showing : Saturday 03rd October 2015 from 16h15 to 18h15