2019 Destination Moon


2009, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Laurent Lichtenstein
Written by
Laurent Lichtenstein
Produced by
Arte France, Bonne Pioche, Ideacom International Inc.
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Bonne Pioche

In 2019, the man is going to re-walk on the moon!

The NASA undertook a new armada of rockets and spaceships: the Constellation program. Soon, astronauts of the world will build a permanent base there, will explore the region in lunar vehicle, and will drill the basement. This giant's new leap for the humanity has for objective to estimate the resources of the Moon, and especially to prepare the future colonization of Mars and the solar system.

In the ice-cold desert of the big Canadian Arctic North, on the Island of Devon, a team of engineers and fascinated scientists began the preparations, opening this new act of the conquest of the space. The team of 2019 Destination the Moon met, exclusively, these men and these women, among whom some people will doubtless be the future astronauts of the missions Constellation…