bande annonce

Evolution, pieces of the puzzle


2008, Belgium
Original language
Running time
living matter
Directed by
Lionel Daneau
Written by
Francis Duranthon, Michelle Antoine, Lionel Daneau
Produced by
Institut Royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique

What is it that makes a cat recognizable as a cat, rather than, say, a penguin? Every single living organism is in fact the result of a long evolutionary history, during which the traits that characterize its current appearance gradually emerged. Each one is thus the outcome of a grand evolutionary mosaic.

The film offers a great dive into the history of life. Starting out from the first cells, we will follow the apparition of some of the characteristic traits of six living organisms (the penguin, the chestnut tree, man, the cuttlefish, the urchin, and the ladybird) chosen at random in the plethora of biodiversity.

Under the direction of the penguin, promoted on this occasion to the rank of narrator, this animated film tells the story of these six organisms. Four billion years of evolution are reviewed, with humour but with scientific correctness.


Selected at Pariscience 2009
See the showing : Wednesday 07th October 2009 from 10h15 to 11h30