The polar minute


2007, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Caleb Krivoshey
Written by
Caleb Krivoshey
Produced by
Gédéon programmes
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Gédéon programmes

Series of short programs about the problem of the poles and the global warming with the complicity of Jean-Louis Etienne.

The objective of this series: better understand the North Pole and the South Pole and the environmental stakes which are bound to it. Jean-Loup Etienne, big specialist of the polar world, tells us an anecdote on the poles bound to his experience. The ice floe, the polar bear, the krill, the first adventurers of the poles, the Inuits, so many subjects treated in every episode which mixes, with a big creativity, archives images, drawings and 3D images.

"The polar minute " invites the viewer to comprehend better the universe fascinating extreme polar regions, to become aware of threats which weigh on these polar regions, actor and witness of the climate change and to wonder about the research for new solutions.