High Adventure


2004, France
Original language
Running time
Directed by
Liesl Clark, Thierry Machado, Serge Tignères
Written by
Liesl Clark, Thierry Machado, Serge Tignères
Produced by
Gédéon programmes
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Gédéon programmes

Serie of 4 episodes

Surviving Denali (1/4)
The high one, Mount Mac Kinley in North America has the highest base-to-summit elevation of any mound on Earth, rising 18,000 feet from its base.

Mount Kilimanjaro (2/4)
This film will bring together a rift geologist, a zoologist and a local mountain guide, a climber and glaciologist : we follow their research individually, capture the many faces of the Kilimanjaro, flora, glaciers, dramatic landscape, reveal how quickly kili's glaciers are receding, the second fastest disappearing glacial mass on Earth.

Mount Windson massif (3/4)
Rising up in the middle of this ice, 600 miles from the South Pole is Windson massif, the most remote of the fours summits of the series. At a height of 16,067 feet, it looms over the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, an Island in an unstable frozen sea.

Mount Blanc (4/4)
Mountain rescues and the effects of the receding glaciers with the warming climate. Glaciologists and geologists tell us more about this inevitable change and the new risks.