Mont Blanc, Europe


2004, France
Original language
Running time
geology, environment
Directed by
Thierry Machado, Liesl Clark
Written by
Schwenke Hartmut, Schlenker Rolf
Produced by
Gédéon programmes
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Gédéon programmes

In 1892, a water pocket, hidden in the center of the Tête Rousse glacier in the Alps, burst open, sweeping several villages away and causing 175 deaths. Scientists are still unable to detect these water pockets inside glaciers. Now that global warming is affecting the Alpine ecosystem, they are concerned about this danger, which although not very likely could be catastrophic, as the population of the Alps is increasing.

Glaciologist Luc Moreau seeks to explore the network of waterways which exist inside the Mer de Glace, which reaches a thickness of 400 meters. In parallel, historian Jean-Paul Gay describes the catastrophe of 1892, from the actual location where it occurred.