What seafood for tomorrow ?


2004, France
Original language
Running time
society, sea biology
Directed by
Stéphane Druais
Written by
Stéphane Druais
Produced by
Les films d'ici
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The demand and market for what is commonly known as seafood are in a state of permanent expansion. We simply need to take a look at the freezers of fish that have doubled in size in our supermarkets over the last few years to realize that alongside the frozen and breaded items, numerous "ready-to-eat" products have made their appearance: ready meals, shrimp in every shape and size, lobster tails, surimi, imitation crabmeat, imitation crab sticks, spreads or fish terrines, etc. However, this constant increase in demand is accompanied by a widespread reduction of available resources.

This is the paradox currently facing fishing fleets and, more broadly, the whole of the fishing industry. Fish farming thus appears to be the main alternative. But what exactly are the production stakes, environmental impact and health quality? What fish will we eat tomorrow?

In analysing the state of things through several significant examples, that is the question that this documentary attempts to answer.