Interspecies transplant, the man and the creature


1997, France
Original language
Running time
medicine, research
Directed by
Jean Real
Written by
Jean Real
Produced by
Les films d'ici
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For a long time, the man dreams about the interspecies transplant: the transplant between two different species. Today, it becomes probable with the numerous experiences made on pigs and chimpanzees.

The transplantation became a common operation in rich countries. However, there is much more applicant than organs. The only solution to avoid any risk of shortage would be the interspecies transplant. But several barriers get up against this technique, the first one being of philosophic order: can we create a superman?

This movie returns on the evolution of the transplantation and on the intimate relation enter the donor, the transplanted and the doctor. Scientists, researchers, surgeons, make an inventory of fixtures of the researches on the interspecies transplant and its consequences.