06th - 11th October 2016

Call for entries - 48-hour Film Competition


The 48-Hour Imagine Science Film Lab Competition challenges ten teams comprised of scientists and filmmakers to create short films in just 48 hours. The 48-hour competition has been launched at the Imagine Science New York and Abu Dhabi festivals and for the first time, it will come to Paris as part of the 2016 Pariscience festival to celebrate the inaugural year of Imagine Science Paris.

On opening night of Pariscience this Fall, a student scientist and filmmaker will meet for the first time and be paired at random. The teams then have the next 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and score their film. We will screen the films after 48hrs as part of a public short film program and a jury will decide on a winner! The films will be shown in conjunction with 48-hr films from the 8th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival, Sunday 9th of October.

The films will be focused on this year’s Imagine Science Festival theme : Light.

Light through film at 24 frames per second is cinema. Light striking the retina is vision. Sunlight feeding photosynthesis is the foundation of life. Light, then, is always implicitly at the heart of the Festival, but this year we’re going to make it our primary subject as well. Stories about photons and photography, optics and the occipital lobe, solar energy and solar flares, shadows and hallucinations and color perception. Cinematic experiences traveling at light speed, seeing in infrared, experimenting with optogenetics, and exploring all of the ways that light is essential to cinema, science, and our very existence.