Picta Productions

Tour de Marmande
86230 Velleches
+33 (0)5 16 88 00 07

Didier Deleskiewicz


Véronique Kleiner


Picta is a production company for documentary films and television programmes, newly created in Poitou. Science and history are the main areas of investigation.

Didier Deleskiewicz, manager, graduated from the IDHEC. Author and producer of numerous documentaries and magazines including Histoire Parallèle with Marc Ferro (1990-2001, 630 programmes) for Arte. He also lived in Japan and worked for several national media and made ​​many documentaries related to Japan and its culture.

Véronique Kleiner, his partner, is a graduate of the Louis Lumière School. Chief operator specialized in scientific image, she wrote and directed numerous documentaries related to science. She was in charge of the production unit at CNRS Images for the past three years.