Yuzu Productions

30 rue du Colonel Delorme
93100 Montreuil
01 41 93 06 35

Fabrice Esteve

Christian Popp

YUZU Productions is a company created in 2012 by Fabrice Esteve Christian Popp, two producers who put their experience and share their know-how to produce quality films and demanding. They are associated with Ségolène Fossard, producer and head of Cut, a production company and media agency created in 2006. Yuzu, hybrid wild mandarin and lemon is a citrus fruit native to eastern Asia. Zest and juice are used in Japanese and Korean, and increasingly by Western chefs. Yuzu zest has a strong aroma; its essential oil is used as a perfume. YUZU Productions wants to wear a cool and refreshing look at the world and give birth to works (TV, cinema, transmedia) with tangy and original flavor.