Multimédia France Productions (MFP)

26 rue d'Oradour sur Glane
75015 Paris

Philippe Molins

Producteur, en charge du pôle Documentaire

Founded in 1986 in Marseille, MFP (Mediterranean Film Productions, renamed Multimedia Productions France in 2001) is now made up of a team of forty permanent and has many activities on all TV channels. MFP produces feature films, documentaries, magazines and short programs for all channels of France Télévisions and ARTE, TV5, Ushuaia TV, Planète + and Planète + Thalassa. MFP is a member of the USPA, ANGOA and PROCIREP. Production: fiction, documentaries whose scientific collection "The World of Jamy" for France 3, magazines whose reputation is second to none, "Tonight or Never", "It's not rocket science," the trays achievements Planète Thalassa, France 5, France 2, France 3. The teletext: about 13,000 annual hours of programs France Télévisions (France 2 - France 3 - France 4 - 5 France France Ô) with subtitles to the deaf and hearing impaired, speech recognition mode for live broadcasts and sub classical assay for registered programs. Multilingual: voice, voice-over documentaries, subtitling and dubbing fiction, animated docu-fiction and drawings into French for FTV channels Group but Arte Planet Piwi, Canal +, Orange and to foreign languages ​​for TV5. This is also the development of audio description, a process which makes accessible the emissions blind and visually impaired audience

produced films

Jamy's Extraordinary Journeys

Our planet seems frozen. And yet it moves, it changes constantly. It produces at its heart an enormous energy that is at the origin of these metamorphoses. Every day the earth's crust is built,...

Welcome at Paris Zoo !

A few weeks before the reopening of Paris zoo, everyone is working hard. The team has still to conduct the arrival of hundreds of species. On duty 24 hours a day, the zoo’s vets and keepers agreed...

Sailing the north pole

This programme is a documentary about the expedition of Sebastien Roubinet et Rodolphe André who have decided to cross the Arctic Ocean from Alaska to the Norwegian islands of Spitsbergen, via the...