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140, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
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Cyrille Perez


Gilles Perez


13 Productions is born in the merger of two production companies : 13 Production and Treize au sud. Two companies with different profiles but complementary and compatible in term of editorial line. Two companies rich of a long experience in documentary, but also in TV fiction and full length.

Sensitive to human stories, 13 Productions favour them to narrate the real, revival history, explore society and wander the world.

A strength editorial line, which is worth to founders of Treize au sud, Cyrille Perez and Gilles Perez, to be earlier recognized by their peers. As well as different prices obtained by their films, the Procirep has gratified their companie with the price of young producer, including « for her commitment and consistency of her editorial line ».

Present in Marseille and Paris, 13 Productions is a regular partner of the most biggest channels, as broadcasters of cable and satellite, in France like at international, in fiction like documentary, and cooperate with a lot of author and director to bear ambitious project with a sharp-eyed.

Questionning the world, investigate on his wheels, underline fracture points and utopia lines while sharing life of engaged men and women, that is what dynamize our enthusiasm.

Because it is the responsability of citizen to bear in public debate, a message made of justice and humanity.

Because we still believe that cinema and television represent a medium, as well small it is, to change the world !

produced films

Plankton Planet

This mini-serie offers an elegant dive in a parallel world, the universe full of surprises of the plankton. These beings, animals and plants, normally invisible to most, are 99.9% to inhabit our...

Antarctic mission

The SEDNA IV sailing ship in Antarctic.

Mars rising: search for life

After discovering the presence of water on Mars, space agencies from around the world have launched a formidable challenge: to send men to explore Mars. Today the countdown of this adventure without...

Man with the golden cells (The)

Since the discovery of their immense therapeutic promise, the cells have become an essential resource for medical research. They have acquired an economic value, and are subject to investment and...

War and peace in the kitchen garden

Within a kitchen garden where no chemical treatments are used, bugs are everywhere. The more numerous they are, the more there are chances to find an "assistant gardener" insect preying on the...

The World according to baby

In France, Canada and the United States, researchers are wondering about the abilities of babies. They study their knowledge and experience, using new tools and rely on the development of theories to...

Cousin Bonobo

Investigation on the identity of the Bonobo, formerly known as the pygmy chimpanzee. How this large gifted African monkey is closer to us than any other animal on the planet?