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75010 Paris
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Bernard Vaillot

PDG du Groupe Galaxie

Michel Rager

Secrétaire Général du Groupe Galaxie - Responsable du Pôle Formation

Thierry Caillibot

Responsable du Pôle Télévision

Galaxie company gathers three complementary firms with their own activity. Galaxie Presse, the mainhouse, is one of the few independent press agency producing documentary films for french and foreign TV channels. Created in 1993 by Bernard Vaillot, Galaxie Presse is mainly famous for its investigation reports.

In 10 years, Galaxie Presse found its place on the competitive market of television press agencies. It has produced nearly one hundred fifty reports and documentaries, some of them were awarded in France and abroad.

produced films

In search of the King's head

January 2010. A mummified head is found in an attic. But whose? Could it be King Henri IV's, assassinated in 1610? This documentary records the amazing adventure that led to the solution to that...

Ovocytes business

Welcome to Los Angeles, the capital of baby business. There, no need to make love to have a baby, you just need a test tube and a big check... At the core of this industry: the sale and the...

Niede Guidon, the secret of the Pedra Furada

In Brazil, Niède Guidon digs up human tracks dated between 10 and 40 000 years. This discovery questions the convictions of the scientific community and disturb little scrupulous exploiters.

Pirates of life

Permission to patenting genetically modified organisms (GMOs), like any industrial product, opened the door to privatization of life, which, under the pressure of a few multinationals and the World...