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Toto, a Very Important Parasite

Sunday 12th October 2008 from 18h00 to 19h30
Salle 1 / Auditorium

Directed by
Yves Elie, Véronique Tourlet
Written by
Yves Elie
Produced by
VB Films, CNRS Images, Shining Project, IRD

Documentary, France, 2007, 53 min

Buffon Prize

Is this nematomorphic worm really a manipulative?

Among all parasites, Toto appears to be a frightening "Alien" but it's real! Beyond its spectacular behaviour, the film offers you to share the fascinating daily life of a young and brilliant team of scientists.

Toto is a parasite belonging to the nematomorpha family. It forces its host to commit suicide jumping into the water, so that it can meet a sexual partner and reproduce…If some predator (a frog, a fish…) eats its host, Toto is able to escape from both host and predator and stay alive! The PMO team (Parasitically Modified Organisms) directed by Frédéric Thomas (CNRS) tries to explain the molecular arguments Toto uses and how the infos they collect may help to fight against other very dangerous parasites like the ones which cause malaria, aviary influenza or diseases like Alzheimer…

With Toto, a Very Important Parasite you’ll jump into the still but deep waters of science and fiction, and if Toto won’t become your best friend, for sure you’ll never forget it !


Debate with :

  • Yves Elie, director
  • David G. Biron, entomology and protémomics researcher

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