06th - 11th October 2016

Special session - How to use scientific images

Friday 10th October 2008 from 18h30 to 20h30
Salle 1 / Auditorium

Scientific data or aesthetic choice?
Where is the limit between the researcher's necessity to produce images and that of the filmmaker to use them? Some use it in research, others in popularizing works. How do producers and filmmakers use scientific images? Some images tallk for themselves, others need to be converted, transformed, explained by keys or voice-overs...
A panel of speakers - researchers, producers and filmmakers - will attempt to answer the question of scientific image-making.

Hosted by Dominique Leglu, chief editor for Sciences & Avenir.

Debate with :

  • Dominique Leglu, Chief Editor of Sciences & Avenir Magazine
  • Alain Riazuelo, astrophysicist, Paris Observatory
  • Patrice Desenne, director
  • Thierry Berrod, director
  • Gabriel Turkieh, producer Altomedia
  • Jean-François Ternay, filmmaker and reasearch teacher. PhD in History and Philosophy of Sciences; Information and Communication Sciences chair in the Université d'Orsay Paris 11