06th - 11th October 2016

Humanimal, the Animal Mind : wolf

Friday 12th October 2007 from 13h30 to 15h00
Salle 1 / Auditorium

Directed by
Vincent Amouroux
Written by
Vincent Amouroux
Produced by
Mona Lisa Production

Documentary, France, 2006, 52 min

For centuries, the animal world and the human world have been carefully kept separate. Humans once considered themselves to be at the summit of intelligence and sensitivity, denying "beasts" all possibility of intelligence and emotions. Yet, as researchers and scientists make one discovery after another, they gradually prove that the border between the two worlds is not quite as impenetrable as once thought.


Debate with :

  • Farid Benhammou, ethno-zoologist, geographer PhD in Environmental Sciences
  • Vincent Amouroux, Director

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