06th - 11th October 2016

Lascaux, le ciel des premiers hommes

Friday 12th October 2007 from 15h45 to 17h15
Salle 2 / Grand Amphithéâtre

Directed by
Stéphane Bégoin
Written by
Stéphane Bégoin
Produced by
Bonne Pioche

Documentary, France, 2007, 52 min

On the dark walls of their caves, 17,000 years ago, they have traced the early history of the sky and its stars. The amazing birth of prehistoric astronomy ... And if Lascaux, the Sistine Chapel of prehistory, was originally a temple dedicated to the constellations...


Debate with :

  • Stéphane Bégoin, Director
  • Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, ethno-astronomer with a doctorate of State on the engravings of the Valley of Wonders