06th - 11th October 2016
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The diaper dilemma

Sunday 07th October 2012 from 13h30 to 15h00
Salle 1 / Auditorium

Directed by
Jacqueline Farmer
Written by
Jacqueline Farmer et Sylvie Randonneix
Produced by
Nord-Ouest Documentaires - ARTE G.E.I.E - CNRS Images

Documentary, France, 2011, 52 min

Every child gets through some 6000 diapers before he’s toilet trained. Every diaper takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfill. Worn for just a few hours, then chucked away to rot forever in the garbage, diapers are a symbol of our modern aspirations and our consumerist society. But they have become a serious environmental problem. They represent the single biggest component of household waste. They are the very first thing we put on our babies, yet pollute a world we want to preserve for them. What can be done ?


Debate with :

  • Sylvie Randonneix, producer
  • Alain Epelboin, anthropologist doctor and researcher at the CNRS
  • Jacqueline Farmer, director

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