06th - 11th October 2016
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Death is in the Field

Monday 08th October 2012 from 20h00 to 21h30
Salle 1 / Auditorium

Directed by
Eric Guéret
Written by
Eric Guéret
Produced by

Documentary, France, 2012, 52 min

"Once we uncover the whole truth about the dangers of pesticides, the uproar will be worse than that of contaminated blood. I refuse to keep quiet." This farmer is stricken with bone-marrow cancer at 47; a victim of the pesticides he handles every day. Like him, hundreds of farmers are affected. Born into intensive farming in the 50s, they had been using phytosanitary products until the diagnoses were given: Parkinson's disease, leukemia, cancer… Is this an epidemic? This documentary plunges us into the lives of these farmers. We follow the affected families across a whole season, in the intimacy of their medical visits, their struggle for the recognition of the impact of the pesticides on the farmers’ health and their efforts to switch to organic farming. What's their view of a farming system in which they are both the players and victims? Why does the majority of them continue to use products that are slowly killing them? Alone or in networks, resistance is growing: nothing is lost for these new warriors of the soil.


Debate with :

  • Caroline Chenet, a farmer's widow and voice-over of the film
  • Jacky Ferrand, a farmer's father
  • Eric Guéret, director