06th - 11th October 2016
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Chanee et les singes chanteurs

Friday 04th October 2013 from 10h00 to 11h30
Salle 2 / Grand Amphithéâtre

Directed by
Frédéric Febvre
Written by
Frédéric Febvre - Aurélien Brulé
Produced by
© Bonne Pioche Télévision

Documentary, France, 2013, 52 min

This film is an in-depth exploration of the little-known world of Chanee who devotes her life to saving gibbons. Her organisation, Kalaweit, rescues gibbons threatened by poaching and animal trafficking and helps them readapt to life in the wild.


Debate with :

  • Chanee, Founder of Kalaweit Care Center