06th - 11th October 2016
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Heritage Films : Of Stars and Men

Saturday 04th October 2014 from 16h15 to 17h45
Salle 2 / Grand Amphithéâtre

Directed by
John Hubley
Produced by
© Storyboard

Animation, United States, 1964, 53 min

French Premiere.

Inspired by the book of the astronomer Harlox Shapley, Of stars and men follows the quest of a child (representing mankind) to find its place in the universe, through themes such as space, matter, meaning of life ... the bias graph, inspired by the cartoon, the colors and the playful and poetic make this film an atypical work.

The film was recently restored by the MOMA and will be subtitled in French on the occasion of the Feast of animation.


Debate with :

  • Jacques Arnould, Ethics Adviser at the CNES