06th - 11th October 2016
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Always faster

Tuesday 07th October 2014 from 14h15 to 15h45
Salle 3 / IPGP

Directed by
Hugo Hernandez
Written by
Hugo Hernandez
Produced by
© AB Productions - Docland Yard

Documentary, France, 2014, 52 min

Science and technology are now part of the equation of making a champion. Swimming, skiing, cycling or sprint, athletes have only one goal: going faster. In sports where speed is the critical factor, sport researchers, doctors and engineers continually search out ways to shave precious hundredths of a second off the athlete’s times in order to gain a place on the podium.


Debate with :

  • Hugo Hernandez , Director
  • Jean-François Toussaint, Professor of Physiology, University Paris Descartes & CIMS Hotel Dieu Director IRMES, Institute of Biomedical Research and Sports Epidemiology