06th - 11th October 2016
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Quand Homo sapiens faisait son cinéma

Thursday 01st October 2015 from 14h15 to 15h45
Salle 3 / IPGP
Session for Middle School students

Directed by
Pascal Cuissot et Marc Azéma
Written by
Pascal Cuissot et Marc Azéma
Produced by
ARTE France - MC4 - Passé Simple / Diff : ARTE

Documentary, France, 2015, 52 min

Unseen. Competition Middle School

Quand Homo sapiens faisait son cinema takes the spectator on the first tracks of the cinematograph through 20.000 years of palaeolithic art. Foolish proposal? Not at all! A new reading of the rock art paintings and engravings  reveals numerous cases of decomposition of the movement of animals represented on walls, a fundamental stage of animated film.

Towards the end of the Palaeolithic an incredible mechanism which seems to create an animation with a couple o images will even make its appearance. The experts of the cinema are shattered. But that's not all. The cavemen even devoted to the graphic story: a way of telling stories with sounds and images, in immersion as in  cinema, but without settling the spectator in a chair... An amazing investigation down to the heart of the mankind's cultural DNA.


Debate with :

  • Pascal Cuissot , Film director
  • Renaud Barbier, Songwriter of the film
  • Éric Robert, Prehistorian specialist wall art, MNHN
  • Hervé Glabeck, Chief Cameraman on the film